General FAQ

How can I pay my invoice?

Invoices can be paid either with Bank Transfer or with PayPal:

  • Use Bank Transfer
    • at the bottom of the invoice are my bank details - please send no cheques, do a bank transfer
    • Important: Please include your name and invoice number in the transfer - otherwise we can not identify your payment
  • Use PayPal
    • You can go to
    • use your registration email address and the username to log in
    • If you don't know your details you will find them in the initial email sent to you after account creation, subject: "New Account Information"
    • alternatively you can request a password reset
    • go to "My Invoices"
    • Click to the right side of the unpaid invoice
    • the invoice opens and you will find 2 PayPal icons
    • use "PayPal Check Out" to pay a single invoice
    • use "PayPal Subscribe" for recurring payments, PayPal will automatically attempt to pay your recurring fees
    • If you don't have a PayPal account yet you can pay with your credit card
    • If you already have once used your credit card and email address with PayPal then you must login with that email address and password